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Zero Tolerance Policy

The Wilbraham Parks & Recreation Department (WPRD) has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.  The WPRD, recreational properties and facilities, including but not limited to the parks, exist to provide residents, especially children, with opportunities to participate in sport and other recreational activities in a safe and positive environment.  The WPRD will ensure the most supportive climate possible for WPRD children, so that they can enjoy their sport; learn about competition, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.

This policy applies to all coaches, players, parents and other supporters and officials effective immediately.  Abusive and obscene language, violent play, violent conduct, fighting and other behavior (including but not limited to sarcasm, taunting, etc.) deemed detrimental to the game between the above mentioned groups will not be tolerated.

As with many communities, the town’s sports system is managed and operated by volunteers.  These community minded citizens contribute in many ways to the success of sports in the Town.  The Town’s responsibility is that they, too, have the ability to work in a safe and positive environment.  Of critical importance is for the Town, through its Parks & Recreation Department, to do all things necessary to ensure that preventative measures are in place so that incidents of violent or inappropriate behavior do not occur in its facilities.  Included in this commitment is an understanding that organizations and persons using facilities must take primary responsibility for the behavior of all associated with them:  coaches, players, officials, and spectators.

It’s important to remember that the actions of each and every one of us reflect  upon the whole organization.  Zero Tolerance is simply that no inappropriate behavior will be tolerated at any time by anyone associated with the Wilbraham Parks & Recreation Department (WPRD), and disciplinary action will be taken to enforce this policy.  All players, coaches, parents and spectators, are required to conduct themselves appropriately in order to promote the values of good sportsmanship and make the WPRD programs a desirable and rewarding experience for all participants.  WPRD will take action to ensure that no participant is abusive to referees or other participants.  Any inappropriate conduct or violation of the Code of Conduct/Ethics could result in ejection, suspension, a team suspension, or game(s) forfeiture.

It is the responsibility of the Coaches to provide referee support and spectator control.  This policy will apply to all times prior to, during and after the game at the location and its immediate surrounding areas.

In the opinion of the official and or gym/field monitor, depending on the severity of the offense, the official and or gym monitor may take any of the following actions:
  • The official or gym/field monitor will warn the parent/spectator about their behavior.
  • The official or gym/field monitor will stop the game and instruct the parent/spectator to leave the field or facility.
  • The official or gym/field monitor will stop the game and instruct the coaches to direct the parent/spectator to leave the field or facility.
  • The official or gym/field monitor should abandon the game, if the spectator does not leave the field or facility.
Removal from a program will not be grounds for a refund.

The WPRD reserves the right to amend this policy at any time and to rule on unacceptable and prohibited behavior not specifically covered in this document.