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24 Hour Policy

Parents sometimes disagree with a coach’s decision or coaching style, especially when it involves their child. Parents have to understand that the coach does not represent a player, but the entire team and must make decisions from the team perspective first and foremost.

For parents, it is important to separate their child’s sports development from game emotions. More importantly, the kid’s enjoyment of a game won’t be marred by an ill-timed confrontation.  For this reason, we have adopted the “24 HOUR RULE”, which simply states that the coach will not discuss game situations until at least 24 hours after the game. This rule helps to move the discussion away from the presence of the players and allows all parties to have time to put things in perspective and “cool off” if necessary.

Simply put, if you have a problem with the coach after a game, wait 24 hours before talking to them.

Violation of the 24 Hour Rule Policy is considered a violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy and can result in parent suspension from the program.