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Circuit Labs - Summer 2023

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Circuit Labs Summer 2023 Programs

Electronics power our world more every day, and the people who can manipulate them will design our future. By learning to creatively engage with the electronics as tools, we bring our students the skills to interact fully with the modern world. And we make lots of fun projects along the way.

Circuit Lab programs give kids the opportunity to create devices by blending technical concepts with hands-on experimentation in a creative environment. We use the latest technologies including Arduino and Raspberry Pi to design smarter flashlights, race cars, musical instruments, games, and more. Each class session begins with a brief conceptual overview before launching into an interactive, hands-on activity.

Circuit Lab programs are a fun and creative way to give kids fluency and confidence in an increasingly necessary skill. We are excited to teach your kids the tools to design and create whatever they imagine!

Hands-On Electronics (Grades 4-7) June 26 - June 30, 9:00 - 12:00 PM 
Tinker with electronics while learning the basics of computer programming. We begin by experimenting with the fundamentals of electronics and circuitry, and step up to projects where our class of young makers will design their own interactive and programmable devices. Participants use the latest tools including Arduino (for building interactive devices) and Raspberry Pi (for learning about computers and coding) to experiments with LED's, resistors, motors, and programming. Each class day gives participants the chance to design a hands-on project with the guidance of skilled Circuit Lab instructors. Cost is $210 Resident / $220 Non-Resident. REGISTRATION: Tuesday, April 4th - Monday, June 19th

App Inventors (Grades 4-7) June 26 - June 30, 12:45-3:45 PM
Want to know how the apps work on your phone or iPad? Or do you already have the next great app idea, and just need to know how to make it? In this no-experience-required course, we use MIT App Inventor software to make fun, creative apps for Android phones and tablets. We will also explore wireless communication by building custom bluetooth hardware controllers and readouts for our apps. Participants will learn both the programming and design aspects of creating great apps, and have the opportunity to build apps of their own with the support of Circuit Lab instructors. Cost is $210 Resident / $220 Non-Resident. REGISTRATION: Tuesday, April 4th - Monday, June 19th

Combined Program of Hands on Electronics and App Inventors is available as well June 26-June 30 from 9:00 AM - 3:45 PM (Cost is $395 Resident / $405 Non-Resident)

Circuit Makers 101 (Grades 1-3) July 5 - July 7, 9:00-12:00 PM
Let’s get creative with electricity! In this junior hands-on electronics class, students will gain experience with creating their own electronics; designing custom light-up greeting cards, electric games, mazes, and even musical instruments. Each class day consists of a circuitry lesson and a hands-on electronics project, using components like lights, buzzers, switches, motors, and sensors. Circuit Lab staff will make sure participants create a project that they can be proud of each day. Most class days include a take-home project. Cost is $125 Residents / $135 Non-Residents. REGISTRATION: Tuesday, April 4th - Sunday, June 25th

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